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The 4 Pillars Of Wealth And The 6 Steps To Turning Paid Advertising Into...




Let's start with the 4 Pillars Of Wealth


I’ve been living by a set of rules over the last seven years, commandments if you will that have been baked into not just myself but quite a few people around me like students, clients, business partners.


I call it the Four Pillars Of Wealth.🔐


Allow me to reveal a little something with the following here for you about the Four Pillars Of Wealth…


Pillar #1 
Is about going deep and actionable into how you get the proper processes, systems, and a proven solid blueprint in place to Build. Grow. Scale. and Profit with your business.


Pillar #2 🏧
Going over how to have a full blown financial system baked into your business that is bringing in incremental recurring revenue and incredible monthly cashflow.


Steady growing recurring monthly cashflow is the holy grail in online marketing.


We go over…


√ How to get it - there are 7 different ways

√ How to grow it - there are 7 cycles to growth

√ How to leverage it - 3 master principles

√ but more importantly than anything is how to protect it and shield yourself from the government and other various agencies.


Yes this is a massive problem in our industry and probably 8 out of every 10 entrepreneurs I’ve talked to has been stung at one point or another and its basically shut them down or worse.


So as you know I’m battle tested and proven.


I’m traveling all over the globe all the time and my legal and tax game is tight and efficient.




Because I have a full blown Financial, Legal, and Tax team surrounding me telling me exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it so my exposure is minimal.


Can you say or… (lets whisper) 4% or less taxes?


Let me ask you a question…


“Suppose your making $80K a year or more, would you like to know how to pay less than 4% in taxes?”


Or how about this…


“Lets say your making $5M or more per year, would you like to know how to pay as little as 2% to 4% legally?”


How would that change your life?


Its not knowing how to make money its more important to know how to keep a massive amount of it.


Pillar #3 
Going over the law of leverage and building out a fantastic “A Player Team”


Without this your business is stalled.


I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs contact me and tell me that its next to impossible to keep “A Player” members around.


Never-mind trying to build a team full of them, or ones who won’t do shady stuff to hurt their business.


Well I’ve solved that issue.


I barely do anything now.


I have 7 teams working building my businesses for me bringing in multiple flows monthly and you’ll learn the insider secrets and laws to how to do that as well.


Pillar #4 
The fourth pillar is how to position your business to either exit it for multiples… or get acquired for multiples.


Now of course that's the 300 mile high overview of what we will be getting into so for now you can let your mind open wide and run wild with the possibilities of leveraging myself and my team.


Now let's get into paid advertising and what we'll be covering.


The first thing you have to understand is with paid advertising there is substantial risk.


That in and of itself stops over 85% of business owners dead in their tracks and they never move an inch in their business.


Here’s what I did to go from $50 a day... to never having an issue with generating income again day in and day out.


I’m not promising it’ll work for everyone because that would be almost not true, so what I can guarantee is it’s a proven method used by the most-successful paid advertising media buyers, internet marketers, e-commerce experts, professional speakers, consultants, business coaches, and affiliate marketers and other well informed people around the globe.


Many of them I have mentored and trained over the years and it flat out works.


If I didn't discovered this approach years ago, these paid advertising strategies...


I would still be broke and sleeping on a park bench during the cold harsh -30 degree weather in Canada.


These same principles and strategies I'll be sharing with you behind closed doors led to me making more than ten working families of four with both parents working every month combined every single month.


Now, it wasn’t easy.


And, it took multiple years of investing in a self-taught real world business and putting an incredible amount of money into the advertising machine and building my businesses.


But if I had a tool like you are about to get that gives you access to me and my team every month back then, it would have happened years sooner, I would have compressed time and live in the future.


So, what's my offer to you?


To put it simply, it’s like Netflix for living The Good Life.


Inside the program, multiple specialists give away their best stuff every month.


It’s an all-in-one online mentorship/community for learning things like:


Launching a winning campaign for paid traffic right out of the gate and seeing high ROAS within a very short timeframe.

👌 Starting a business in ultra competitive niches and knowing how to reverse engineer your competitors to take their customers right out from underneath their noses

👌Getting paid to build list in different markets

👌 Becoming a super affiliate marketer and high volume product owner.

👌 And many, many more lessons that only the best experts know


But as of now, it’s just getting started... and available for the first wave of members at an incredibly low introductory price.


Click the button above or below to get a regularly updated online brain dump of paid advertising strategies and techniques and business formulas that work and getting direct access to my team and I every month.


By the way here’s another small taste of what you’ll get...


👌 Exclusive Monthly Live Webinars: Stay ahead of the competition by attending Master webinars discussing the latest tools, trends in business building and marketing. All webinars will be recorded and made available to members


👌 Training Videos (e.g. marketing frameworks, growth hacks, and actual blueprints like how Peter has launched dozens of products that, through the power of online marketing, have cumulatively generated thousands of successful clients, students, and happy customers around the world.)


👌 Small, Private, highly confidential Online Video calls (for members) to brainstorm and coach around your specific marketing problems


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Dedicated To Your Entrepreneurial Success,




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