Affiliates who want to get rich follow a certain formula then turn into Super Affiliates who go on to become wealthy.


Super Affiliates get wealthy by using a formula that is simple and potent but 99% of the other affiliates and population ignores because their looking for the “Magic bullet”

I’ll break down the formula for you today in its most simplistic form and function.


You ready?




Now keep in mind I want you to be part of the 1% by being strategic and knowing how to leverage “hidden assets” that being said here we go…


The 5 Super Affiliate Pillars To Success.


This is what I like to call foundational stuff because it just works.


When it comes to Affiliate Marketing and being a Super Affiliate most people think its a lot of work and next to impossible to make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year as an affiliate.


The real truth is affiliate marketing is one of the best and most lucrative of all the business models when it comes to making money online. (btw thats just my personal opinion with probably millions of others who do it globally and who do it right so pay attention.)


In my seventeen years of being online and training thousands and thousands of people in the fine art of affiliate marketing there is a common theme among people which separates the winners from the rest of the people who give up and call it quits.


Some of my most successful students and clients who have gone on to create six figure, and seven figure Affiliate Marketing lifestyles for themselves have done so because they all follow the same formula and process learnt from me.


But the ones who have not yet “cracked the code” haven’t done so because they did not follow the 5 fundamental pillars which separates normal affiliates who make on average $100 a month to Super Affiliate who make $100,000 a week, month, and beyond.


If you follow this simple yet potent foundation of what it takes to be a Super Affiliate outlined below you will succeed and join a very select few.


So lets begin with the 5 Pillars Of Being A Super Affiliate And Creating A Six Figure or Seven figure Income.


Super Affiliate Pillar #1. Mindset


Obvious I know, but the major downfall for 99% Lets get into it.


What stops millions of affiliates, newbies, internet marketers, is lack of clarity and information overload because of the all internet noise.


You must have an intent and purpose to what you want to accomplish when it comes to affiliate marketing and knowing what type of model within affiliate marketing you want to master so you see immediate results.


When you understand the type of promotions you want to focus on and how you want to drive your traffic to various affiliate offers and have a clear cut process map laid out you will see results because you are not blindly going out and dropping your affiliate link wherever you feel someone may click on it.


That is what most affiliate marketers do and that is why they have dismal results.

Here is something I tell all my students and clients that come under my wing to learn affiliate marketing and go on to becoming Super Affiliates…


“Understand this simple yet powerful sentence and you will be well off with everything you do online…


“The internet is 99% MINDSET and 1% technical. Master MINDSET and outsource the technical. Truly you have to focus on your strengths and OUTSOURCE your weaknesses.


“Get all that” and you will never need to buy any “magic bullet software, services, or products.”


Now that might have been a mouthful to read but I’ll simply break it down to…


“Never let anything technical stop you from succeeding, all technical aspects of affiliate marketing can be given to someone else to do, while you focus on what counts, which is the… MARKETING.


The next Pillar I would like to share with you to Super Affiliate Freedom is how to deal with vendors and website owners of the products and services you want to promote.


Super Affiliate Pillar #2 Ask Better Questions To Smarter People, You’ll Get Better Answers To Generate Income.


Always ask the vendor what their most successful creatives are and the best advertising platforms they use to promote products that are helping drive conversions.


You always want to know what landing pages, optin forms, website design, direct response copy that is tested.


Not the generic… “here try this” (most vendors try to pawn off on you)


As well you want to be in a position to ask all vendors and website owners what some of their top affiliates are doing as far as promotions (if you can peel that info out of them) if you don’t ask, you are doing what I call “blind Marketing” and wasting your time.


Also you want to use the best tools out there to help you do your competitive intelligence which there is an abundance of those around now, not like when I got started.


Now keep in mind the smarter vendors and website owners who want to see you succeed will try their best to share with you what is working because it is in their best interest to do so.


The more money you make the vendors and website owners as an affiliate the more money you will make as you promote.


It breaks down this way, you make the vendor consistent sales you put yourself in a better position to command higher payouts, quicker payouts, and other affiliate perks which you can leverage when you want to promote other merchants offers.


This gives you more exposure in the community and vendors will open to door to ask you to promote their products.


Super Affiliate Pillar #3 Always Be In “Front Of The Money” In Niche Markets


Always try to position yourself in niches where people are ALREADY WILLINGLY handing over their money hand over fist wanting to buy stuff.


It makes your job 10X easier rather than trying to persuade them to buy your products or services with all sorts of effort and marketing. The path of least resistance and maximum income generation is what Super Affiliates look for.


There are tons of profitable niches out there, and the Super Affiliates find them all the time because of this time tested process of already being in front of the money rather than chasing it.


Again, I always share with my students and clients that you have to be in PROFITABLE NICHES where people are WILLINGLY spending TRUCKLOADS of money all the time.


If you still think or listen to people that tell you that you can make money following your passions…good luck.


Tell that to your bank when it comes time to pay the loans or mortgages and see what they say when you don’t have the money and you tell them…


“I’m in a niche that I find is my passion and I’m just waiting for my payoff.” 🙂


The next Super Affiliate Pillar is one of the most crucial and I could write an entire book about it and turn it into an information product, but I’ll give you clear cut instructions and the “meat” of what you need to know.


Super Affiliate Pillar #4 – Test, Track, Optimize, And Scale All Your Traffic Sources.


Again Obvious if you’ve been online for more than 6 months, yet years later people still struggle with this.


Lets get into it.


When you know which traffic sources are sending you quality traffic, you want to cut all the other sources. Look at the quality sources to see why its so good and with what creatives it came in on, then scale those sources. Whether its free traffic or paid traffic the methodology is what never changes.


If you don’t set up a process to constantly test and track all your links, clicks, conversions, you will never know which of your campaigns are working and which you should get rid of immediately.


There are a lot of tracking services out there, some free some paid, you have to look at where you are in your affiliate marketing career and make the decision to disciple yourself to track and test all your affiliate marketing.


(There are too many to name and you'll need to do your own reseach for your own business needs.


The bottom line You don’t test and track you don’t know what works and, you’ll never make what I like to call “Bank” 🙂


Super Affiliate Pillar #5 The Best Markets Super Affiliates Play In


At one point I was in over 140 different niche markets and within those 140 markets and vertical markets and in all my years of being a Super Affiliate these types of markets have consistently performed for me and I have no desire to look else where.


So to save you the headaches of doing time consuming research follow my direction with the following markets and you will have the best luck when comes to traffic and sales.

Stick with these markets and the verticals within the niches and you can work your way to becoming a Super Affiliate.


*Consumption markets – video gaming, electronics, information marketing

*Addiction markets – Weight loss, stop smoking, binge eating, etc etc etc

*Vanity markets – skin care, cosmetic surgery, teeth whiting, etc etc etc

*Compulsive markets – Nail biting, hair pulling, Gambling, etc etc etc

These are the markets I love my friend and they are all extremely highly profitable for you for many years to come and always will


**My results are not typical, you may do more than me and you may do nothing...(its up to you what you do with the intel)

Would You Like To Replicate My Success For Your Business?

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