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What Our Team Does And How It Benefits You.

Our Team Is Here To Help You Achieve Success, here's a little bit of what we have done so far...

  • Taking an internet marketing company from “IM World” of 6 "A Player Team" members and go to Silicon Valley to Exiting.

  • Attracted the attention of a $482 Million Dollar Man Through Paid Advertising Who Later Invested Into One Of My Clients Companies After Speaking At An Event In Asia

  • Consistently show our inner circle high level clients how to leverage... "The Six Figure Funnelizer -  its a 7 Juicy 'Step by Step' videos how to crank out $5K - $10K a month from 8 leads

Peter Parks is the founder and creator of the S.M.A.R.T™ Marketing Consulting Program. It is a responsive advertising and marketing strategy which automates and speeds up your customer cycle while increasing profits by customizing your marketing messages. We teach our clients, customers, and students cutting-edge marketing techniques that produce outstanding results… and create extraordinary transformations in your business. Our team is one of the most sought after and highest paid internet marketing consulting teams around.

Why The S.M.A.R.T™ Marketing Consulting Program
And The Platinum Syndicate Mastermind Is Pretty Much...




Yes, I know that is a bold statement but hear me out. That's exactly what many of my entrepreneurs have said. The S.M.A.R.T™ Marketing Consulting Program And The Strategic Mentoring Platinum Syndicate Mastermind Is The Go-To Choice Trusted By World-Class Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants, Professional Speakers, Elite Trainers, E-Commerce Professionals, High Ticket Coaches, and High Level Service-Professionals Selling Products and Services to Affluent Buyers and Influential Decision Makers.

What You Can Expect Inside:

  •  Learn: The Art And Science Of Lead Generation Using Paid Media From Some of Peter's Best Paid Traffic Insiders.
  •  Discover: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF HIGH-TICKET AFFLUENT SELLING (How To Really Do It. Warning, its not what you think.)
  •  Get: THE REAL SECRETS TO THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ADVANCED POSITIONING AND PREEMINENCE FOR INSTANT AUTHORITY AND TRUST within your market...(Its actually easier than you think, but sadly many screw this strategy up.)


Stephen Somers​ CEO Marketplace SuperHeros

Alvin Huang CEO Truegenics Pte Ltd

Joe Volez - Facebook Advertiser



Before I met Peter, my business was doing good but our team had a problem with scaling our Facebook Ads.


We couldn't spend more than $3,000 - 5,000 per day.


For most advertisers that would be a dream but for me it was a bit of a nightmare because we had the numbers down and we knew we could bring in more revenue. After taking Peter's course and having one on one time with him within a matter of weeks we were scaling past $10,000+ per day with a very high ROAS it was insane.


Peter is definitely a beast when it comes to Facebook Ads and scaling and for that I thank him.

Stefan van der Vlag CEO, Owner, Founder at Marketing Released

Desmond Ong CEO - Investor Entrepreneur Author

Adrian Neguletu  - Ecommerce & CPA Advertiser



Hi Adrian here. I have to say that Peter's course changed the way I run my Facebook Ads.


The way he is able to look at targeting and scaling is very unique and once I got a handle on it, I never looked back. From 50% ROI to well over 800% ROI is ridiculous and extremely profitable in my line of business.


Thank you Peter.

Tyler Ellison -Over $5M/year spent on ads, currently managing hundreds of active client accounts

Duke Sayer CEO The Sayer Method Founder, Self Awareness

Christopher A. Richmond


Facebook CPA & Clickbank Affiliate


Peter simply is the person you want to go to when you want to know how to scale your Facebook ads.

I'm now doing over $1000 per day profit with my business and using Facebook ads and I couldn't be happier

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Facts: Since being online from 2001 to present our team has helped...

 *96 Entrepreneurs Become Millionaires...

 *32 Entrepreneurs Become Multi-Millionaires

 *1633 Entrepreneurs Become Multiple Six Figure Income Earners...

And Together With My Team We Have Trained Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs, Business Operators, Affiliates, Direct Sales People, Network Marketers, SEO Experts, Bloggers, And Everyday Startups Through My Programs, Webinars, Guest Spots, Videos, Courses, Break Out Masterminds And Advertising Across Multiple Networks Around The Globe. 


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